Coaching & Medicinal Healing

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What is quantum healing?

I am a quantum field worker and healer. I utilize light and sound waves, as well as elemental medicine to improve the quality of your spiritual journey. This is spiritual surgery.

According to Lisa Renee “Quantum is used to describe the fundamental framework for understanding how the Universe works at the smallest scales of energy units.”

Therefore, our consciousness is an energy source. So is our body. As within so without, as above so below.

Our energetic field and consciousness can create realities that are harmful to us or that keep us in our lower consciousness “programming.” Our ascension and incension on this planet is dependent upon our ability to access higher states of consciousness and hold them in our physical reality. To release our lower levels of consciousness we must unlock the subconscious mind and reprogram it like a computer. What we will be doing together is unlocking these energy units within your consciousness, and removing the inorganic energy that keeps you in false programming.

You came here to break the cycle. Welcome to the Journey 🌞🧠👁

Where to start?

Resurgence of Purity pt 1