Distortion Genesis

a colorful image of a brain in a circle

Cognitive distortions are embedded into the mind like markers or tags which send frequencies to our light body.

This infects our energetic field which creates rips, tears, holes leaving the traumatic event as an insert for psychic attack.

What it looks like: We start with mapping of the manifestation of a distortion and we go into creating new pathways and connections. There will be room for core memory processing and release.

Symbolic Centrism

a black and white drawing of an ornate circular design

For the tarot lovers, I’d like to call this one Tarot with a twist. We start by setting up a quantum container to navigate the struggles you’d like guidance with. What this does, is it allows the necessary guidance and symbolism come through the organic channel. This is for highest timeline alignment and isn’t necessarily like traditional tarot sessions. What we do is recenter your alignment to your highest outcome.

Spiritual Coaching

a painting of two people holding hands in front of a sun

I am a certified Life Coach, as well as a health and wellness coach. This would be for someone who was potentially looking for extra guidance on their journey in relation to navigating the world through their awakening process or initiations. This wouldn’t be therapy and is not a replacement for that- but as a mental health professional I can provide intervention based coaching to aid you on your path.